What Happens When You Do Not Have Home Security Installed

Home Security Myrtle BeachThis is the age of information when everyone tries to collect as many details as possible. Today, there are twenty-four hour a day broadcasts, real-time online updates, and endless national coverage of everything that occurs in the world.

As part of home security procedure, we are constantly advised to be alert and to notice details. Television criminal justice programs emphasize the need for home security and record while they are solving crimes and pursuing criminals. Everybody in our society gets these “Keep your eyes glued,” messages. Everyone, including your local thief.

Be Alert!

Although it is a mere generalization, most burglars belong in one of two categories; some burglars are driven by drug and alcohol addiction; some are driven by a sense of supremacy to everybody else. An addict is aiming to feed his dependencies while the other is trying to feed his own desire to outwit others. He is the con man, the trickster, the smooth talker. This fellow can rob you blind, lying right to your face and stringing you along. He’s not the man that will steal your toaster.

The addict is a desperate individual. He’s sizing up your property to see if he can rush in, get something rapidly, and then make a tidy getaway. He’s looking for a way to prevent detection by meddlesome neighbors, passersby, and casual observers. The very best manner in which a thief can avoid drawing in unwanted attention is by finding an entryway that is not easily seen. Some property owners make this simple by growing shrubs or dense trees right in front of their home windows. All that he needs to do is quickly get behind the foliage and start working on the window. If he finds a home that has been designed in a manner in which windows or doors cannot be seen by neighbors or passersby, he’ll go right in. Then out he’ll come, carrying your TV and your valuables away.

Another easy mode of house entry is through back entryways. Many homes were constructed long ago, at a time when driveways were not part of the planning. Many of these homes have a rear entryway with a garage added. Not only can he leave with the contents of your garage, he can search your home at his leisure to discover the very best back door. As long as no one sees him acting surreptitiously on your home or business, he will probably get away with the theft.

Keep Away!

There are two traditional home security that even a strung-out addict will avoid, if possible. They would rather not confront dogs. It doesn’t seem to matter if is a raving Pit Bull or a yappy lap dog, dogs are a major problem for thieves. They’ll bark and play around excitedly getting their owners’ attention and plainly revealing the basic location where the intruder is hiding. That is if they don’t actually latch onto the intruder. If he does, all of his territorial instincts will set in and heaven helps the burglar. Some dog owners claim that they’re not liable for any damage done to the criminal, stating they have published an indication plainly stating “Be careful of Canine.” Others say that if you publish this sign you’re admitting that you have a harmful animal on the property. This admission might lead to charges that you failed to secure the thief from your big wild canine. Some individuals prevent the entire problem by putting up indications and arranging for a barking sound.

The next thing that burglars dislike when taking a look at a possibly easy home entry, is indications of firearms on the premises. Sticker labels on the windows, which inform the burglar to your membership in the National Rifle Association, may prevent him from trying entry. Nevertheless, firearms are important and are easily sold in the shady underworld where the habitual burglar spends his money and time. If he thinks it’s worth the effort, he might watch this house extremely carefully over the next few days. Then, when he’s sure that everybody has actually left the residence he might be brave enough to steal the firearms.

You might think that the common thief is a passing breed in this high tech, details age. But because he’s a desperate person with a powerful need for money, a determined thief can still enter your house unless you attempt to look at your house through his eyes. Then you need to take actions to keep him out.

Installing a home security system is the best defense when it comes to stopping a thief. Call us today for a no-obligation on what it would take to secure your home, family, and possessions

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