Fifteen Ways to Dissuade a Break-In

alarm system Myrtle BeachWonderful! You’re going away on vacation. You’ve worked hard, and you should have a break. Make certain you don’t get a “Break and Enter, “too.

Here are fifteen suggestions to help make sure that when you return from your trip, your house and properties will be as you left them. If you follow a few of these tips, you’ll enjoy your vacation more, since you’ll know you have actually taken ample precautions. The only thing that you’ll worry about will be whether you left the iron or the stove on, by error. There is no treatment for that fear!

  1. Put your mail on hold. There’s nothing that states “No one’s house,” like an overflowing mailbox or a stack of mail on the floor under your door’s letterbox. Do this in enough time to allow the post office to get the details to your letter carrier. Just to be sure, do it 3 or four days prior to when you leave.
  2. Your newspaper delivery should be put on hold at the same time you stop your mail. A pile of unread newspapers is a dead giveaway that you are not home and yells “vacant” to a burglar.
  3. Get a timer for your lights. They’re not expensive, and they provide the impression that someone’s in your home.
  4. Leave some music playing, or put the television on a 24 hour talk channel. Anyone approaching your facilities will hear it and presume somebody exists.
  5. It is not a good idea to put a message on your voice mail which mentions, “We’re not home right now.” A well organized burglar is calling to see if anyone’s home he’ll understand that the coast is clear. You might as well put on a message saying, “Come right in.”
  6. It has been debated whether to leave your drapes or shutters open or closed when you’re on vacation. You have to choose what’s best for you. What is outside your windows? Would it be easy for a thief to scope out your home by looking through the windows and determining that no one was home? If so, it is probably better to leave them closed.
  7. Another argument surrounds whether you need to leave your car in the driveway. Lots of people feel that an observant burglar will see an automobile that never moves. Others think that a car on the property will persuade a thief that there’s someone house.
  8. Padlock all gates which lead to your back yard. A burglar will not enjoy the concept of attempting to get back over the gate while carrying your video player and weapon collection.
  9. Get somebody trustworthy to go to your home regularly to move the curtains, water your plants and do whatever yard work needs to be done. It’s not likely that your trustworthy buddy will have a home-wrecking celebration as always occurs in the movies.
  10. Give a contact number to a next-door neighbor or close friend. This is for emergency situations.
  11. It may appear evident, however double check that the doors and windows are locked.
  12. If you have an alarm system, call the security business and let them understand that you’re leaving and if somebody’s taking care of your house, notify them too. Recommend that they send an agent to drive by your location every couple of days. (Not at a routine time, and not too slowly.)
  13. Let the cops of the region know your travel plans. Just like the security business, they might drive by periodically, as long as it’s not too obvious.
  14. Get a floor safe and store your prized possessions there. If installed appropriately, it must be undetectable.
  15. Consider hiring a house-sitter. Having a dependable person living in your house may be your best insurance coverage against being a burglary victim.

It might sound more complicated than a military exercise, but keep in mind that you can begin on your preparations well in advance of disappearing. Remember, it will all be worth it when you see your house retreat in your rear view mirror, safe in the understanding that you have actually done everything in your power to safeguard your house and personal belongings from criminal attack.

The very best defense is having an alarm system installed. Call us today for an estimate.

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