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Surveillance Myrtle BeachWhat is alarm system monitoring?

When your alarm system is triggered, the dispatchers at a central location will instantly call your home or cell phone to substantiate the alarm and not that the alarm system was accidentally tripped. The person that answers the phone needs to know a secret password that is given you when the alarm system is installed and is recorded in our records. If the dispatcher does not receive a response to the call or if an answering machine takes the call, our alarm system will immediately contact the closest local authority or the first person on your personal contact list whichever you have specified. If a signal is received from a medical alert button that local authority that is called will be an emergency outlet, however, if the signal is from a smoke alarm, the call will be made to the closest fire department. In any case, you will be notified of what authority has been contacted.

How does an alarm system work?

An RJ31X jack is installed at your premises using a regular phone line. When the jack is installed, a special relay switch in your alarm system takes over your phone line and will give the alarm system the priority use of the line to report back to the central monitoring system. What if you don’t have a landline? Our security panel has a special cellular option that is compatible with the alarm system.

What if I want to test my alarm system?

Simply call the dispatch station and request that your alarm system is put into what is called a test mode. You can then activate the system and test any feature. The person monitoring your home security system can inform you about what signal they receive from your alarm system, what area of your home it came from and let you know your alarm system is working and communicating as designed.

What if I set off my alarm system by accident?

When any signal is received from your system a representative will contact you. When you answer the call, the dispatcher will identify himself and will expect you to also identify yourself. They will not send police to your home or business if you supply them with the correct password. One exception is if the alarm system releases a fire or panic signal, we will dispatch the appropriate authorities first and then inform you of our actions.

What if I am currently under an alarm-monitoring contract?

If another firm has installed your system and you have an agreement with that firm, you will need to wait until that contract is completed before changing monitoring companies. Keep in mind that most alarm system contracts require advance notification if you plan to cancel the contract. You will want to check your contract to see if there is an automatic roll-over clause in your agreement. Watch your expiration date and then at the end of the contract you are free to change companies if you are not getting the service you expect.

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