How to Keep Your Home Safe While You Are Away

Myrtle Beach home securityDo not let the excitement of having a vacation that you have been waiting for so long blind you to the potential risks of leaving your home without proper protection. As you plan your camping or beach holiday, don’t forget to take precautions before you take your leave. You need to follow the better safe than sorry philosophy, so before you head out, review your home security and safety checklist thoroughly. Being extra vigilant will help keep your belongings as well as your property a lot safer while you are away. It will also prevent you from thinking about what is happening to your home once you are out having fun.

Have Someone Live In It

One of the best ways to make sure that your home is safe while you are on a vacation is to have someone trustworthy to live in it temporarily. You might be lucky enough to have a relative who is neat and conscientious enough to keep your home clean, feed your pets, and pick up your newspapers while you are on a trip. In case you don’t know anybody, you can always look for house sitting or pet sitting services in your area. This option is a bit pricey but it is a really wonderful option.

Stop Mail Delivery

If you are leaving for several days, you always have the option to get in touch with your local post office and request them to cease delivering mail to your home until you get back. You can temporarily stop mail delivery for 30 days. In several locations, you can make this request online. All you need to do is enter your home address and the stop and start dates. This is a feature offered by the United States Poster Service and it is free of charge.

Stop Newspaper Delivery

A pile of newspapers left on the doorstep of a home that is unoccupied is often seen in movies. This doesn’t have to happen because you can always ask to stop your newspaper delivery while you are on a vacation. This is a detail that is often ignored by those who go on a vacation.

Ask Someone To Keep An Eye On Your Property

Even though you have already stopped your mail service and your newspaper delivery, there are still some things that can make it quite obvious that you are not home. There will be peddlers that leave fliers or yellow page book. Since you cannot prevent all these things, there is still one thing you can do and that is to have someone keep an eye and check your property every other day or two while you are away. That person may be a relative, a neighbor, or a friend.

Make Your Home Look Like There Is Someone Living In It

In a home that is occupied, the lights go on and off and cars come and go regularly. If you are away, all these will stop. To help create an illusion that your home is still occupied, buy timers that will turn the interior lights on and off in the evening. Another way to send a message that someone is living in your home is by asking your neighbor to take out your trash and place the cans back once the garbage has been picked up.

Have Your Landscape Trimmed Regularly

If you are the kind of homeowner who mows his or her lawn every week, and things begin to appear neglected and overgrown, it will be very easy to conclude that you are not around. If you will be on a trip for a longer period of time, be sure to hire somebody who will take care of your landscaping chores while you are away.

Don’t Forget To Lock Up

Although this seems very obvious, a lot of homeowners forget to lock their homes. You should change your ways especially if you are the type of person who keeps a window open or doesn’t turn the deadbolt on their kitchen door. If you don’t want your home to attract burglars, don’t let them know that it will be easy for them to get inside your home.

Never Project Your Moves

When you are talking about your trip, you need to be careful. You should not announce it in your blog that you will not be at home for one long month. You need to be aware of who is around when you are talking about your trip especially when you are in public places. If you have kids, remind them that they also have to be discreet about your upcoming trip. It is not that you should be suspicious of everybody. But you also do not what to people who might do something bad to know that nobody will be at your home for a long time.

Don’t Leave Anything Plugged In

You can save money when you are gone and get rid of potential problems by disconnecting some of your electronics at home like your coffee pot, desktop computer, and television. You should also turn off your garage door. It will help prevent thieves from being able to open it using a universal remote control. Also, do not leave a portable GPS in your vehicle if you plan to use a long-term parking at the airport because it will inform thieves that you are not home and conveniently give them a map to your house. If possible, you should also have a fire protection set in place.

Install Additional Security Features

Install a Myrtle Beach home security system or even more exterior lights that operate on timers is a great way to boost the security around your home. It will make your house a lot safer whether you are home or not. One of the best things about an alarm system is that they continue to work even you are asleep or away. They are not obvious but they will keep thieves at bay.

Call Home Security Pros Myrtle Beach if you are planning to install additional security systems before you go on a vacation.

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