Increasing Home Security Through Understanding Burglar Habits

home securityYou’ve spent a great deal of time building your home, investing in it, and building your family around it. With that in mind, it’s only fitting to deploy the best home security systems out there. However, if you don’t want to break your bank, there’s also an alternative for you. It’s inexpensive but you may need to do some research to make it work.


Understanding how burglars think


One of the best ways to prevent burglars from breaking into your home is to know how they think, how they work, and their habits. According to an article published by the Washington Post, burglars tend to have a similar pattern in general. Uncovering this pattern would make your home more secure against intruders. Here are burglar habits that you need to know to ward off any intruders:


Break-ins usually start at around 10AM-3PM


Statistics show that within the 5-hour timeframe is when burglars are most active with August being the prime month for break-ins. Burglars typically look for homes where there’s seemingly nobody home, particularly residential homes. When people leave for work, their homes are often left unoccupied and within 10AM-3PM is the most ideal time for burglars. To keep crooks out, setup a random timer to turn on your lights, TVs, or radio within the stated timeframe. If you’ve got another car, put it inside your garage if you have one. Hiding things away will make your home less attractive to burglars.


Most burglars only spend 1 minute to attempt a break-in


Your average burglar is likely a male teen and not a professional thief. They are less likely to spend more than 60 seconds to try and break into your home and it’s obvious why. Spending more time breaking and entering would increase their chances of getting caught. An easy solution to this is putting simple deterrents like dog warning signs.


Homes with no security systems installed are 3 times more likely to get robbed


Even the sight of a surveillance camera is enough to make burglars think twice. It goes without saying to install at least one type of security system for your home. Statistics show that the chances of a home that does not have any security system increase three folds.


Burglars often enter homes through first-floor entryways


Your front door, back door, and windows on the first level of your home are among the entryways that burglars are most likely to use during break-ins. With that said, putting enough home security Myrtle Beach will add an extra level of safety for your home.


Most burglaries happen 12 minutes tops


Thieves will enter your home in a dash to get as many valuables as they can. They rarely don’t have enough time to search through all corners of your home. Hiding things in plain sight will yield better results than storing items in traditional hiding spaces like drawers, bedroom closet, and some other obvious hiding spots.


Thieves know when you’re out on vacation


If you think break-ins happen purely by coincidence, you thought wrong. A lot of thieves plan things through and target your home specifically. When you go on vacation, that’s the time where your home is at greater risk. To keep your home from being robbed while you’re away, have a home security system setup. This greatly reduces the risk of break-ins. You may also ask your neighbor to check in on your home while you’re away. However, the best option is to seek professional help and get advice on the best route to take.


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