Give Your Home Security While on Vacation

Home Security Myrtle BeachA recipe for a well-planned-vacation-gone-wrong is to know that an intruder managed to enter your home. To make things even worse, your valuables and your precious belongings were all taken away.

Now the memories of your fabulous vacation have been replaced with loss and despair. How do you cope with that? It is never easy to come home and find out that you’ve been robbed. But you can avoid this if you can provide your home security while on vacation. Just keep these home security tips in mind if you plan to travel in the next few days.

Tips on Home Security While on Vacation

Lock all doors and windows.

Sure, you’ve waited a long time for this well-deserved vacation and we understand your excitement. However, do not let your excitement get the best out of you by leaving doors and windows unlocked. If you plan to travel for a few days, always lock every window and door, including your garage door.

Let your loved ones or relatives stay at home while you are away.

It’s a relief to know if leave your homes in the hands of those you trust. You can ask your relatives or loved ones to stay in your home for a few days while you are away. If this not possible,  you can just ask them to check on your home once in awhile. Maybe your neighbors can turn on your lights at night and turn them off during the day. It won’t hurt to ask anyway.

Never leave keys outside your doorstep or under plant pots.

You may be used to leaving your house keys under your rug or plant pots within easy reach when you get home. But you should avoid doing this when it is time to travel. Burglars always know where homeowners leave their keys. You do not want to be part of the statistics, do you? Well, you can take the keys with you while you’re away, or you can give it to your friends or relatives for safe keeping.

Keep your Social Media updates on a minimum.

Even if you are dying to share your travel itineraries with your friends, resist the urge to tag your location. Social media has become the primary tool for people with bad intentions, let alone burglars or thieves. The minute you post that “Going away on vacation” or “Traveling to the airport” status, your home becomes vulnerable to thieves. Well, let’s just hope none of your friends are burglars of thieves. But to be on the safe side, why not wait until you get home before you post your latest travel adventures.

Install a home security system.

Nothing beats traveling with a clear and peaceful mind. The best way to achieve this is when you know that your home is safe and secure while you are away. So why not install a home security system that alerts you and the police in case something goes wrong. This way you can always focus on having fun on your vacation.

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