Home Security Systems – Preparing Your Home For A New Arrival

Garden City Home SecurityIf you are a new parent, you know that you are in overprotective mode from the time you bring your child home from the hospital. You are a momma bear ready to attack anything that comes near your child. You listen to every sound or intrusion that might disturb your baby. Even though this is natural, you need to feel safe in your own home.

There are steps you can take to ensure your home security and your child is safe.

These steps will help to eliminate (or at least reduce) your anxiety.

This may seem harsh, but a first step is to ask any friends or family members that drink, smoke or abuse drugs to refrain from visiting your home. In the case of the smoker, make sure they understand that while they are in your home, all smoking is done outside and that they wash their hands after they have returned inside and before holding your child.

When you enter or leave your home you want to be sure about your home security and lock your doors. Even when you are inside of your home you don’t know who will try and enter while you are changing a diaper or laying down for a nap.

You will want to install baby safety devices in your home such as monitors, cabinet latches and covers for the outlets. For complete peace of mind, you may want to call a professional electrician and have them do a safety inspection of your home. There is a minimal cost of big peace of mind. You will want to have this inspection done before the baby is old enough to start moving around.

If you have a pool, garage or basement you will want to make sure the entrances are locked at all times. A good alarm system would also be helpful. An alarm can be added to the entrances to these areas to warn you if someone is trying to get into your home.

We all love our pets, but you may want to consider moving the pet to the outside of the home when the baby is very small. No one knows what an animal is capable of doing, even a pet that you have raised. A baby or small child can be injured by a pet that is just “playing.”

Your baby’s crib should meet all safety standards. You may want to check on the internet for a list of these standards. Don’t leave blankets or toys inside of the crib with the baby. There have been many instances of suffocation from items left in the crib. As an alternative to wrapping your baby in a blanket, simply add an extra layer of clothing or increase the heat in the room.

As your child gets older you will probably purchase a walker. Keep in mind that a baby can reach higher when they are in a walker. Make sure that dangerous items such as cooking utensils are not left on kitchen counters or electrical devices around bathroom dressing areas.

Making sure that your home is safe for your children is not always easy, especially as they grow and start crawling and then walking. However, you know the extra effort is worth it.

The arrival of a newborn is also a good time to think about installing a safety alarm. A few years ago, alarm systems were expensive and out of the reach of a young family’s budget. However, with the decrease in the price of electronics and changes in the industry, alarm systems are very affordable. The peace of mind they bring for you and your family is priceless.

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