Home Security: How to Break into Your House in 10 Easy Actions Part 2

Home Security Myrtle BeachEver question how burglars, in fact, enter houses without home security systems? Next, we look at the number-one point of entry.

Find a Great Opening

Warm spring days and crisp fall air make open windows tempting– specifically to intruders. Burglars think nothing of strolling the circumference of your home, attempting each door, window and cellar opening up until one relents to prying hands. Of course, first-floor doors and windows are more susceptible, however climbable trees and tables utilized as makeshift ladders position second-floor windows at as much risk.

Even when home, families should ensure their doors and windows are closed and locked; unattended or dark parts of the occupied houses are vulnerable. Consider busy dining rooms and kitchens throughout dinners, when second floors can end up being targets for peaceful intruders. Or consider the dark second-story bedroom where somebody is sleeping near a wide-open window.

More about simple entries:

  • Knob locks are easily jimmied using credit cards; deadbolt locks aren’t. All doors need deadbolts.
  • A word about concealing extra keys: don’t. Robbers know to analyze flower pots, ledges, and bushes. The best place to stash extra secrets is in the hands of next-door neighbors.
  • Heavy rods in tracks prevent opening of moving glass doors fully. Other expertly set up mechanisms avoid tampering with screws that secure doors and frames.
  • Burglars break windows, so keep lawns without bricks and heavy rocks.
  • Security companies can aid with kick-resistant doors, window mechanisms that limit openings and break-resistant glass.
  • Examine access when workers leave. Even with an alarm system, workers might open doors or windows from the inside in preparation for a later break-in.

Find a Place to Conceal Yourself

Huge bushes by the front door provide thieves lots of concealing room. Even with the brightest of lights, full-grown bushes and thick trees near houses conceal stealthy burglars. Tall, thick greenery near the home permits burglars to continue to be hidden for as long as it takes to concentrate on opening windows or doors in spite of, or possibly since, the complacency provided by the lights. Such thick flora also supplies burglars with secret locations to wait. If intruders recognize regular family departure times, they can take cover in the greenery and wait as the noise of the automobile engine fades in the range, and then start their dubious work.

It’s best to keep shrubs cut no greater than the bottom of window sills. By doing this, robbers have less space to conceal and will seek other, less visible, opportunities.

Await the Holidays

Burglars who prefer to prepare their break-ins ahead of time are particularly attentive to seasons and events. Just before Christmas, for instance, intruders like to search in, and then break in, huge image windows showing lots of presents below sparkly trees. On December 25th or 26th, intruders search curbs, where empty boxes inventory prospective loot– large-screen televisions, costly game systems, presents from high-end department stores and fishing gear. To take your house out of the running, leave the tree, however, move presents from window views. Haul those empties to a public garbage receptacle.

Summertime holidays get burglars giddy, too. Households who take preventative measures to make their houses look lived-in must enjoy stress-free vacations.

Other events laden with dangers from burglary include:

Residences for sale– Lockboxes held on doors show houses are most likely empty. With the right tools, burglars can break in quickly. Property owners choosing to skirt this risk might deal with realtors to either forego lock boxes or hang them in discrete locations. During open homes, visitors need to not be totally free to wander, and after the event is over, real estate professionals and homeowners need to check that doors and windows stay protected.

Funeral services and weddings– Big family gatherings such as wedding events provide additional opportunities for burglars to know when homes will be vacant, generally for hours at a time. Best option: Ask neighbors to house sit, with their parking area in the driveway, to guarantee it appears somebody is home.


Identified intruders might use ploys to acquire entry into homes that promise of huge payouts. They may be established to steal instantly or to scout the facilities for later on by pretending to be a utility staff member, the cable installer, and even a police officer. Property owners need to request identification, and then call the company or agency to validate that the check out is official. (Use the number listed on your bill; don’t trust a number the visitor supplies. Their cousin might be the one responding to the phone.).

A typical ruse is impersonating shipment or moving business. This is extremely effective because most neighbors will not question a big van in the driveway with uniformed employees carrying contents from the house. Alert stay-at-home neighbors that you’ll never ever have a van at your house unless you have actually notified them initially. The next-door neighbor who identifies such a van can call you or the police immediately.

Our next home security installment will cover more tips on keeping your home safe.

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