Home Protection While You Are Away

home security while on vacationHeading off on a trip? Have a wonderful time. Simply make sure to protect your home sweet house before you strike out on the road. Here are simple, manageable tips that will help keep your empty house safe versus intruders while you are away.

Outside Your Home

Ensure the yard is not a giveaway.

Shabby overgrown lawn announces to the world that you are not around to cut it. The expense to hire a lawn care service is not that high, compared to the prospective loss if your house were to be invaded.

While you’re at it, get those bushes cut too. Untended foliage provides your house a neglected look. It can also hide a suspicious character trying to break into your home from passersby on the street.

The value of installing motion detection home security lights outside your house is arguable. While their 600-watt blast of light will make any potential nighttime burglar have second thoughts, the reality is that a lot of robberies occur throughout the day. You might be better off with another type of motion sensor– one that sounds a blaring alarm.

Inside Your Home

Lock up tight.

Absolutely nothing says, “Come on in” to a prospective burglar like opened doors or windows— or both. These make your house so welcoming (though not in a good way!) those bad men may really anticipate a treat of cookies and milk to be waiting on the cooking area table. Equip your house with strong door frames, secure doors, and dependable locks, preferably deadbolts … then use them. Do not forget to protect the windows and sliding doors also.

An added measure of protection for your windows is using a security film. This transparent finishing will offer the entry resistance of burglar bars, yet it’s more aesthetically appealing. A lot more vital: while it keeps burglars out, the protective film does not keep you in should you ever require fast exit in the case of a fire or other emergency.

Invest in a safe. Any safe that can be gotten can likewise be carried away and after that opened off your premises, at the burglar’s leisure. And practically any “secret hiding place” you could possibly think of has actually been thought of … by seasoned scoundrels. Store your valuables in a wall safe or a lock box at your bank branch instead.

Use your smarts. Utilize a high tech house alarm system to turn your lights, television, etc. on and off at random periods. It will even open and close your blinds. The beauty of this type of system is that you control it with your cell phone, instead of counting on a timer (which clever bad guys can often identify from outside).

On the internet

Don’t be too friendly on social networks.

Not everyone you are in contact with on Facebook, Twitter, and other social websites has your benefit at heart, although they might be called your “buddies.” If you publish your travel plans or real-time news of your holiday fun, you will be broadcasting your absence to the world. Wait to post the beach photos up until after you’re safely back home.

Prevent geo-tracking apps like Foursquare or Glympse. They were developed in a spirit of fun, but expert criminals– who have the tendency to prepare their break-ins using all the tools at their disposal– take them really seriously. Don’t openly promote that you are far from the house.

Keep your home safe with a home security system. Call today to schedule a time to discuss your specific needs.

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