Security Mistakes That Compromise Your Home’s Safety

home securityIt does not matter where you live, home security is always an integral aspect for any home. It’s good to point out that you cannot predict when criminals are going to target your home. That’s why even before any crook can get the idea of robbing your home, you should already have a good security system put in place. If you haven’t it would be best to have some sort of security system installed right away. But before you go any further, here are some security mistakes that could put your home on the line:

Privacy is a two-edged sword

If you think that setting up tall walls will make you any safer, think again. Privacy gates or fences might seem like a good barrier from the outside world, but it could actually work against you. These could make for good hiding spots and blind spots that intruders could make use of. When planning your home security Myrtle Beach, make sure that entryways such as doors are visible across the street. This makes it hard for criminals to take cover and be hidden while trying to break entry.

Hiding keys somewhere outside

While a lot of people have tried this at least once or twice, hiding keys isn’t a good thing. For the most part, though, it would work, but the risks outweigh the benefits. This is particularly dangerous if other people take notice of your hiding places. Although it’s a nice way to keep yourself from being locked out, it’s just not a good enough reason to put your security at risk. However, if you can manage to find a secure enough location that’s inconspicuous, you might get away with this security hack.

Bushes planted too near the house

Bushes are just like fences, they can provide hiding spots for burglars. Not that they are entirely bad for your home, but planting them too close will increase the chances of a break in. To avoid this mistake, plant thick bushes afar. You may also plant thin-growing plants instead. This will make it hard for would-be criminals to make a move. You could also try thinning and decreasing the height of your bushes if you don’t want to remove them entirely.

Using static lights

Most homes use traditional static lights as they cost less and are easy to install. However, they can be a risk factor especially if you’re not home. A good solution is to use lights with motion sensors. They will light up when someone is walking around the house. This is a nifty feature for homeowners, but a shocking experience for burglars.

Valuables in plain sight

While visibility is a good security feature for your home, too much of isn’t also favorable. – Or at least not when you don’t think about what will be seen from across the street. Valuables that are placed near a window or is directly visible outdoors will lure in criminals much faster than you think. Never put valuables that will be seen directly.

Packaging left outside

If you’ve got a brand new TV or a new laptop, don’t just leave the boxes by the curb for the trash collectors. Some people with ill intentions might pick up on the fact that you’ve got a brand new expensive item that is up for grabs. Put your packaging elsewhere.

Travel posts on social media

A lot of us are guilty about this and it’s a common home security mistake that some people might take advantage of. Never share your travel plans if you’re going to leave your home without someone staying in it. Or even if there’s someone to look after your home, try not to share your destination if you’re not too comfortable with the crowd that can have access to it.

Letting your mail pile up

If you don’t have time to clean out your mailbox, at least have someone you trust to do it for you. Never leave mail piling up as it would signify that you’re not home. This would make criminals more confident about breaking in.

Assuming that your home is safe during the day

Although we’re used to hearing news about break-ins at night, daytime robbery is a thing nowadays. Never assume that your home is safe during the day. Have a surveillance camera or a whole system set up all around your home, particularly in areas not easily visible by the street. This will increase your security and improve peace of mind.

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