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A Whole New Perspective on Home Security Systems

It was a struggle in the early years of the security alarm industry for the public to recognize the need for protection & monitoring with police notification against criminal break-in and home invasion. History of Home Security Systems Since the 1920s when the industry began in New York and until today, the industry could easily boast of being a multi-billion dollar endeavor continuing to grow at paramount proportions. The ensuing years revealed that there is an extremely large segment of the public that did not have a home security system. There were different underlying reasons why. Some did not want to take on the burden of ongoing monthly monitoring READ MORE…

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Home Protection While You Are Away

Heading off on a trip? Have a wonderful time. Simply make sure to protect your home sweet house before you strike out on the road. Here are simple, manageable tips that will help keep your empty house safe versus intruders while you are away. Outside Your Home Ensure the yard is not a giveaway. Shabby overgrown lawn announces to the world that you are not around to cut it. The expense to hire a lawn care service is not that high, compared to the prospective loss if your house were to be invaded. While you’re at it, get those bushes cut too. READ MORE…

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Alarm System Tips: Fifteen Ways to Dissuade a Break-In

Wonderful! You’re going away on vacation. You’ve worked really hard, and you know you deserve a break. Make certain you don’t get a “Break and Enter, “too. Here are fifteen suggestions to help make sure that when you return from your trip, your house and properties will be as you left them. If you follow a few of these tips, you’ll enjoy your vacation more, since you know you have taken ample precautions. The only thing that you have to worry about will be whether you accidentally left the iron or the stove on. Fifteen Home Security Tips Put your mail on hold. There’s nothing that READ MORE…