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Home Security Myrtle Beach

Home Security Can Foil a Felon

This is the age of information overload. Everybody tries to collect as much data as possible. We have 24 hour a day broadcasts, online updates, and endless news coverage of whatever happens in the world. We are constantly prompted to be alert, and to notice details. TV police shows emphasize the need for surveillance and record- keeping in the resolving of criminal offenses. Everyone in our society gets these “Keep your eyes glued,” messages. Everyone even includes thieves and crooks. Although it’s a generalization, the majority of thieves belong in one of two classifications; some burglars are driven by their READ MORE…

Home Security Myrtle Beach

Importance of Home Security

History shows that man us made provisions to safeguard his home from the beginning of time. Initially, man covered the entrance to their caverns with large boulders, preventing any animal or rain, snow or any other severe impacts of climate. As time progressed and he was able to train animals like dogs, he discovered a guard for his home. After the development of doors, locks and keys, the home was much safer. But with the passage of the time, with the development of the human brain, there likewise came a boost in crime. A basic lock was not enough to READ MORE…