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Home Security Tips For The Holidays

Home security is one of those things that people hate to think about, but have to, or they run the risk of becoming victims. Residents of Myrtle Beach should never have to worry about being safe in their own homes, but even the safest communities can at times have some unsavory visitors. The good news is that by following a few simple tips, you will drastically reduce the chance of your home, or you being targeted by one of these individuals. 1) Strong Locks For Home Security You will want to look into a home security system and the price READ MORE…

Home Security Myrtle Beach

Home Security – Will Jokes Deter A Criminal?

If your neighbors on both sides have home security signs on their property and you don’t, whose house do you think a thief will target? Sure, he knows that the signs may not really indicate the presence of an alarm. Sure, he’s aware that many people post those signs just to discourage people like him from breaking in. He’s not feeling lucky though. He’s going to your house, because at least there he knows that there’s no alarm standing by on a hair trigger. Should you post security signs? It’s up to you. If you have an active security system, READ MORE…