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Using a Home Alarm System to Foil a Felon

This is the age of information. Everyone tries to collect as much details as possible. We have twenty four hour a day broadcasts, online updates, and endless national coverage of everything that occurs in the world. We are constantly advised to be alert, and to notice details. Television criminal justice programs emphasize the need for home security and record while they are solving crimes and pursuing criminals. Everybody in our society gets these “Keep your eyes glued,” messages. Everybody even includes your local thief. Although it’s a generalization, most burglars belong in one of two categories; some burglars are driven READ MORE…

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Home Security Light: The First Security Provider

The first step to prevention of home invasion would be as simple as a security light. It keeps away those who want to illegally enter in plain sight and also provides comfort for the home owner. Recently added technologies such as alarms, security cameras, security networking and other accessories cost much more as compared to home security lighting. Motion sensor lighting control is one of the most outstanding inventions in this modern era. A survey shows that 60% of people say that home security lights are the best way to secure their homes from burglars. Solar Centurion is wonderful for READ MORE…